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Family Lawyers

Perhaps you’re building a family through milestones like marriage or adoption. Perhaps you’ve been married for years—you’ve got children, real estate, property, bank accounts, financial assets—but your marriage is on the rocks and things are becoming contentious when it comes to dividing up property and grappling with custody issues.

Any way you look at it, moving from one chapter of your life to another without losing your shirt, your mind, or both, can be a difficult experience. You need to have an experienced family law attorney in your corner who can look out for your best interests and stand up for your rights as an individual and as a parent.

What is Family Law?

Family law covers any and all legal issues pertaining to family relations. This might include the establishment of family and domestic partnerships, the various rules and standards for creating a union (marriage, civil unions, etc), as well as the dissolution and termination of those relationships (most often through divorce). Family law also extends to related issues such as child support and custody, alimony, and division of property and assets. A family lawyer also has expertise in areas like,adoption and child and domestic abuse.

Marriage, Separation, and Divorce in Canada

Canada allows marriage between both heterosexual and homosexual couples. Annulments are available for extreme cases of incompatibility, and marital separations are regulated by contract. Separation agreements are drafted and agreed to by both parties, and generally deal with issues such as division of property and child support. Divorce may be applied for only after the parties involved have been separated for a period of at least one year. Adultery and abuse are additional grounds for divorce.

Separation and divorce can be complicated, even in those cases where it is uncontested. Division of property, custody, and spousal or child support may be mutually agreed upon by the parties involved in the divorce. In those instances where an agreement cannot be reached, a judge may make the final determination in such matters. Property is commonly split evenly, although there may be exceptions for property that was acquired before the marriage. Expenses related to children are often shared by the parents. Spousal support may be assigned at the discretion of a judge, based upon the needs of the spouse requesting it. In Canada, statues and regulations may govern custody and access matters as well as financial support.

Finding the Right Family Law Attorney

At Lawyershop.ca, we are committed to helping you locate and retain a qualified family law attorney who can best represent your interests. We have selected an exclusive group of family law professionals to meet your needs. Simply click the name of the city or province near you to be connected to an experienced, qualified family law firm.