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Severance is a term for any package of pay and benefits paid when a worker's employment ends. It is generally available only when the employee's departure is involuntary (for example, in situations involving a layoff, a termination with or without cause, or a retirement). Severance packages can vary widely depending on the unique circumstances of your case and the area where you live; possibilities may range from a small lump sum payment to a comprehensive package that includes salary, vacation pay, benefits and even stock options, as well as employee assistance programs.

In Canada, employment laws and regulations may vary from province to province, but generally, the law prescribes a minimum standard for severance packages; some employers may choose to offer their employees severance that goes above and beyond the statutory minimums. In the absence of a written agreement, however, the statutory minimum severance rules usually apply. Generally speaking, severance amounts will increase in proportion to the amount of time an employee has worked for the company.

If you are facing the end of an employment relationship, the first step to determining your entitlement to severance is to refer to your original employment contract. This may set forth specific procedures and policies that will affect your rights and options in the event of your termination. In some cases, your employer may choose to pay you a severance payment "in lieu of notice," meaning that you will not be given advance notice of your termination, but you will be paid for some set period of time as if you were still employed.

If you have questions about your entitlement to severance, or if you believe you were entitled to severance that you have not received, you may need to seek advice about whether you have a legal claim against your employer or former employer. An experienced employment law firm can help you understand your rights as an employee and make sure that you receive the severance to which you are entitled. Your lawyer can negotiate with your former employer on your behalf, and even represent you in court if necessary.

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