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If you are facing the end of a marriage or relationship, you probably have a lot of questions on your mind. The best resource is a qualified family law firm. In the meantime, here are some answers to some common and basic questions about divorce and family law.

What is the first step in a divorce? 

Many clients contact a lawyer soon after separating from their spouse. When you meet with your lawyer for an initial consultation, your lawyer will gather information and offer practical legal advice on how best to proceed and what to expect. At the end of the consultation, it is up to you to decide if you wish to retain the lawyer to handle your case.

What does the divorce process cost? 

Legal fees depend upon the lawyer, whether the case is contested or uncontested, and how much time the lawyer will have to spend on it. Legal costs are tied to the lawyer’s level of experience and the amount and complexity of the work that is required.

My spouse won’t grant me a divorce. Do I have options? 

In Alberta, you can file for a divorce without your spouse’s agreement or cooperation. However, in these situations, the process will generally take longer, and may encounter more complexities, than an uncontested divorce.

What is the difference between a separation and a divorce? 

A separation occurs when a couple decides to separate and live apart for any reason other than temporary convenience. Separation does not affect marital status; the marriage is only dissolved once a decree of divorce has been executed.

What are the possible grounds for divorce? 

There are three primary grounds for divorce. The first is a period of separation of greater than one year without the possibility of reconciliation. The second is mental or physical cruelty by one spouse against the other. The third is adultery by one spouse, which has neither been condoned nor forgiven by the other spouse.

If my spouse and I divorce, who makes the decisions about child custody? 

Couples are always encouraged to work together to come up with arrangements that are in the best interests of their children; this includes setting up a plan that works for the children and both parents. An experienced family law lawyer can give you advice about your rights and obligations. The courts’ primary focus is the best interests of the children.

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