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Canada Can Be a Safe Haven for Refugees, But Asylum is Not Guaranteed

Canada is a popular country of refuge for people whose living conditions in their home country have become difficult or downright unbearable. Because the Canadian Charter of Rights speaks of every person’s right to life, liberty, and security, and the country gladly welcomes refugees, an estimated 14,500 refugees are expected to call Canada home in 2013. Though the country welcomes many, gaining asylum is not guaranteed – the process can be complicated and failure to complete it properly the first time can lead to prolonged problems in your home country. This is why it’s crucial that you retain an experienced immigration lawyer dedicated to helping people seek asylum in Canada who can guide you through the process and offer you the best chance of escaping hardship.

How Does The Process Work?

There are two systems at work for refugees seeking asylum in Canada: one for people seeking protection from outside of Canada’s borders and one for claims of protection made by those already in the country. Your eligibility for asylum may differ from others depending on the path you take to enter or remain in Canada.

To be eligible for “resettlement” into Canada, you must be outside of your home country at the time you make your application. You must demonstrate a fear of persecution in your native land as a result of your race, religion, nationality, sexual orientation, or leanings toward a particular political or social group. If you’re already in Canada and you feel your life would be in danger if you return to your home country, Canada can offer you refugee protection.

There are several requirements for being granted asylum in Canada and a host of paperwork that can complicate or inhibit the process. You will need to make a claim to the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada (IRB) via a hearing during which you must convince Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) why you are eligible for refugee status in the country. You don’t need counsel for the IRB hearing, but it is highly recommended that you utilize a knowledgeable lawyer to help you through the process.

If your sponsorship status falls through or you are deemed otherwise ineligible to enter, you will need a skilled immigration lawyer who thoroughly understands the Canadian refugee system. The right lawyer will work to ensure that you have everything you need to get your asylum granted the next time you apply. Above all, you need a lawyer who is compassionate to your cause and is personally invested in seeing you end up safe in Canada, free from the persecution in your home country.

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