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Wrongful death is a legal term used to describe a situation where someone has died as the result of another person’s wrongful act. While nothing can truly take away the pain of losing a loved one, legal compensation can help surviving family members bear the burdens associated with medical bills, funeral expenses, lost earnings from the victim, and the family’s own pain, suffering, and mental anguish.

Some common causes of wrongful death may include vehicular accidents (such as those involving intoxicated drivers), medical malpractice or medical negligence leading to the death of a patient, and work-related accidents (which may occur in any type of workplace, but are more common on construction sites, oil rigs, or other dangerous locations). Defective products may also lay the groundwork for a product liability claim; for example, faulty products, equipment, devices, or machinery may cause death due to a flaw in their manufacture or design.

If someone you care about has been killed in an accident or in some other manner that may be traceable to another person’s carelessness, immediate family members of the victim may be eligible to file a wrongful death claim. If you are considering taking this type of action, a knowledgeable and experienced wrongful death lawyer can help you determine the merits of your case and the likelihood of success; he or she will also be able to help you formulate a legal strategy for pursuing your claim.

Generally, wrongful death claims should be brought within a period of two years following the death of the victim, but there are exceptions; a personal injury lawyer can advise you on any deadlines that may apply to your particular claim.

Compensation amounts for wrongful death claims vary widely. The compensation available in a particular case may depend on the life expectancy and earning capacity of the victim at the time of death, the number of dependents, and many other factors. The death of a loved one is never easybut a successful wrongful death claim may help provide for survivors in the wake of a tragedy.

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