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For your property buying or selling transactions in the Calgary area, you need a real estate law firm that you can depend on, one that is looking out for your best interests and will do whatever it takes to make sure that transaction is properly completed. Real estate lawyers play an important role in the successful discharge of these business deals, and whether you are buying or selling, you need someone in your corner to make sure all the little details and nuances of such arrangements are accounted for and handled appropriately. The legal part of the process only takes part of a day for most people, a small percentage of the overall time spent looking for a home or trying to sell one, but it is inarguably the single most important time spent in the process.

Unfortunately, few people think of the legal element when looking to purchase or sell a home, and as a result they don’t often know who to call when the time comes to sort through the details. There are numerous options available in Calgary, however not all are properly prepared or experienced when it comes to handling such matters. Substandard legal representation can result in poorly constructed deals or vital elements and considerations left unresolved. It behooves any buyer or seller to align themselves with top-tier legal professional, someone who can handle all aspects of the process and make sure that the property changes hands smoothly and efficiently.

Jim Reich is experienced, knowledgeable, and focuses exclusively on real estate law.

Jim Reich is a prominent Calgary real estate lawyer with years of experience under his belt. He is perfectly comfortable at either the buyer’s or the seller’s end of the table. He brings his expertise to bear on both residential and commercial deals, with a genuine enthusiasm for his clients that is infectious. Jim Reich does what is necessary to get the deal done right, the first time, and with no unnecessary hassle or delays.

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