Brett Degoldi

Brett Degoldi brings international experience to the Galbraith Family Law team, having studied law in both Canada and Australia. He earned his master of laws degree from the University of British Columbia, where he focused his graduate thesis on collaborative practice. Brett also studied constitutional and administrative law before his call to the Bar of Ontario. He began practicing as a lawyer in Australia, when he was appointed as a barrister and solicitor for the Supreme Court of Western Australia and the High Court of Australia. While in Australia, Brett worked at a prominent family law firm, as well as a boutique firm that handled in large family property disputes and high-conflict custody disputes. Brett was active in training lawyers and psychologists throughout Australia in collaborative practice, and he has published several articles on the topic of collaborative practice.

Prior to his legal career, Brett Degoldi earned a Ph.D in psychology. Today, he believes that in many cases, psychology and law go hand in hand, and finds his psychology background invaluable when it comes to advising clients on family law matters, especially sensitive issues such as child custody and support which are often the subject of negotiation and mediation. He continues to work with a number of legal, academic, and research organizations. He has served as the dean of the St. Catherine’s College at the University of Western Australia and as a teaching assistant for the law school of the University of British Columbia.

Brett Degoldi’s background in litigation and collaborative practice, as well as his extensive training and experience as a mediator, allows him to take a balanced approach to cases involving any type of family law conflict. He is committed to giving every case the time and attention needed to achieve fair results for all parties involved. He assists his clients with negotiation outside the courtroom, as well as in court when necessary. His priority is helping clients embark successfully on a new chapter of their lives.

Galbraith Family Law: Resolving Family Conflict With Heart

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