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Collaborative law is an innovative legal approach that allows parties involved in family law disputes to attempt to resolve their issues in a way that minimizes unproductive confrontation and conflict. Each party has their own lawyer to assist them.  A family coach helps to resolve parenting issues and to work through the emotional issues inherent to separation. A financial specialist will also help resolve the financial issues.  In collaborative practice, the parties and their professionals enter into what is known as a Participation Agreement, in which the parties agree to refrain from litigation. They agree to work together, collaboratively, towards a settlement or arrangement that is agreeable and fair to all parties. The core of this process involves cooperation, sharing of information, and creative problem-solving methods.

In collaborative negotiations, parties voluntarily disclose information relevant to the issue at hand, and agree to work together towards a resolution of the issue. If experts or other professionals are required to expedite this process, the parties usually try to agree on a neutral third party who can render an unbiased opinion or make recommendations based upon the facts and circumstances of the case. The collaborative law process uses conferences, discussions, individual meetings, mediation, and other alternatives to traditional litigation procedures, and ideally culminates in a final settlement acceptable to all parties. If the process proves unsuccessful, and the parties are unable to reach an agreement, there remains the prospect of traditional litigation as a last resort.

Since the goal of this form of practice is to avoid the litigation process, collaborative family lawyers focus their efforts and attention on the successful resolution of an issue or issues, rather than preparation for trial. This approach often reduces stress for the parties involved, and can help lower the legal costs incurred.

Collaborative practice is a fairly new practice, but has been gaining popularity since its inception in the 1990s. It appeals to lawyers and parties who wish to find an alternative to the adversarial approach to family law and divorce cases. Collaborative practice has been used by thousands of people throughout the United States, Canada and around the world, as a legitimate and successful dispute resolution model. Families who wish to explore this approach to their family law disputes should seek out a family lawyer with specific experience and expertise in collaborative law.

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