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From time to time, most of us will deal with acute pain—a short-lived discomfort, often the result of an injury, surgery, or illness. Chronic pain is another story altogether; it is an ongoing long-term pain condition that may require an active and involved pain management treatment simply because conventional therapies fail to work. It is a frequent result of motor vehicle accident injuries. Chronic pain can take many forms, although it most often affects the head, neck, or musculoskeletal system. It often lasts well beyond the time it takes for the original physical injury to heal.

Causes of Chronic Pain

Chronic pain may be a widespread problem, the specific source may be difficult to pinpoint. There are a number of factors that may trigger chronic pain. The most common include injuries to the head, back, neck, muscles, and nerves. Diagnoses may include post-herpetic neuralgia, fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis, and carpal tunnel syndrome. Often, conditions which have been dormant and not bothersome become seriously painful after the trauma of a physical injury. Pre-existing conditions can often make people vulnerable to chronic and severe pain after an injury. Pain management specialists should be sought out whenever pain does not respond to the usual treatments.

Treating Chronic Pain

Treatments for chronic pain are much different than treatments for acute pain issues. In some cases, the factor causing the pain may be removed (as in cases dealing with cancer). In other cases, pain may be alleviated by a procedure or series of procedures. For many chronic pain patients, the best option may be a multi-disciplinary approach, which may include a combination of medical, psychological, and rehabilitation procedures. Chronic pain is a complex medical and emotional problem that may have significant effects on your psychological and physical well-being. In many cases, pain management is needed to help decrease the level of pain and suffering, hopefully restoring you to the best possible level of functionality and independence.

Impact of Chronic Pain

Chronic pain results in the loss of over 4 billion work days every year, with $79 billion in loss to the economy as a result. For some patients, chronic pain can become so overwhelming that it prevents them from leading normal lives. It can impact your health, your daily activities, your finances, your career, and your relationships.

The Right Lawyer Can Help

Sufferers of chronic pain may be entitled to compensation if they can establish that another party was responsible for the condition that triggered the pain. Accident lawyers experienced in chronic pain cases can assess whether you might have a viable case, and help you understand your options. Once you decide on a legal course of action, an experienced accident attorney can gather all of the relevant information, construct a solid case on your behalf, protect your rights, and fight for compensation for your pain and suffering.

You don’t need to go it alone and represent yourself; look for a skilled personal injury attorney who has experience with cases like yours, who can be an ally for you as you seek to regain control of your pain and your life.

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