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At some point, many of us will need to deal with an insurance claim, often as the result of an accident, fire, or flood. If you have been injured or your property has been damaged, you may very well be entitled to compensation for the damage or injury, as well as pain and suffering, lost wages, and other expenses related to the incident. While many insurance claims are resolved in a prompt and straightforward manner, others are not. In some cases, the insurers or other parties involved in the situation may try to delay or avoid paying the amounts they owe, or may offer a settlement that isn’t acceptable. The services of a qualified, competent insurance attorney can be invaluable in ensuring that your claim is resolved successfully.

Why Use An Insurance Attorney

You will need to compile all of the information related to the accident or incident in question, any and all communication with the insurance companies or other parties involved, and all records and receipts from your expenses associated with the accident or incident (especially evidence about the costs of repairing and replacing your property). If you were injured, those records should include documentation of medical treatments you received, along with any statements from physicians and therapists about your diagnosis. If you are undergoing medical treatment for your injuries, you may hear discussion of the term “maximum medical improvement.” This term means that you have recovered as well as can be expected from the injuries sustained.

Your insurance claims lawyers will need all available information in order to be able to successfully represent you in dealing with the insurance company. Your lawyer may help you prepare claims and other documentation, and may discuss with you the option of issuing a settlement demand. In most cases, diligent and prompt handling of your claim may be enough to persuade the insurance company to settle, and your case may never need to go to court.

There are cases, however, where a settlement cannot be reached, even after extensive negotiations; in such cases, your lawyer will help you understand your options regarding litigation. This often involves initiation of a formal lawsuit against the insurance company. Your lawyer can take your case through litigation, including the “discovery” phase of your case, where representatives from both sides will collect and exchange pertinent documents, written statements, and other evidence relating to the case. Each party will build its case, which often includes hiring experts to provide reports and testimony to strengthen your case. Settlement negotiations often continue during this time. The case may ultimately proceed to a trial. Insurance disputes can be complex and confusing, but your lawyer will be your guide every step of the way. Often, a fair settlement is in the best interest of both the client and the insurance company.

Insurance Claims Lawyers On Call

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