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Dangerous Driving: A Serious Offence

In a province like Ontario that relies on automobiles, a Dangerous Driving offence is one you want to avoid at all costs. The penalties for a Dangerous Driving conviction include an automatic one-year suspension of your driver’s licence and a lifetime criminal record. Depending on the nature of the offence and your previous criminal history, other penalties can include jail time, heavy fines, probation, and an increase in insurance premiums of 100 percent or more. If you’re facing such a charge, it’s essential to secure the services of a qualified criminal defence lawyer who is experienced with the law and will work with you to develop a detailed strategy to overcome the Crown’s pursuit of your conviction.

What Does Dangerous Driving Mean?

A Dangerous Driving charge is a criminal offence under Section 249 of the Criminal Code of Canada, which states that it is illegal to drive or operate a motor vehicle in a manner that constitutes a danger to the public. Dangerous Driving applies not only to cars and trucks, but any vehicle that can be pushed, pulled or driven by an engine of any kind.

In order to determine if your driving was, in fact, dangerous, Section 249 states that the court must consider all circumstances surrounding your actions, including (but not limited to):

–       The nature of the offence
–       The conditions that existed at the time the offence was committed
–       The use of the area where the offence was committed
–       The amount of traffic that was present or expected to be present
–       Any existence of danger to the public
–       Individuals who were present or might have been present, including passengers in the car
–       The mental element of the charge, or proof that the accused intended to operate the vehicle in a dangerous manner that departed from the standard care that a normal driver would be expected to apply

Given the potential consequences of a conviction, if you’ve been charged with Dangerous Driving, it is imperative that you contact an experienced criminal defence lawyer at the earliest possible opportunity. The Kruse Law Firm know the laws behind Dangerous Driving offences, has extensive experience defending against such charges, and will work with you to explore your options, develop the most effective strategy, and provide you with the best possible defense.

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