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Serious Charges for a Serious Offence

One of the most serious criminal offences in Canada outside of murder is drug production. The Crown works very hard to crack down on all drug-related offences, so it should come as no surprise that production ranks highly. Running methamphetamine labs or marijuana grow operations warrant steep penalties if you’re convicted, including life imprisonment depending on your prior criminal record. If you find yourself facing drug production charges, you need the benefit of a well-versed and skilled criminal defence lawyer who will fight to reduce or eliminate your charges.

What is Drug Production?

According to Canada’s Controlled Drugs and Substances Act (CDSA), it is a criminal offence to produce any illegal drugs in the country. The act states that to “produce” means to obtain an illegal substance by, “(a) manufacturing, synthesizing or using any means of altering the chemical or physical properties of the substance, or (b) cultivating, propagating or harvesting the substance or any living thing from which the substance may be extracted or otherwise obtained, and includes offer to produce illegal drugs.”

Oftentimes, drug production operations – such as marijuana grow houses – take place on private property like houses and farms, so search warrants are commonly used by police to collect evidence. If a search warrant is improperly obtained, the evidence police collect may be barred from trial. In fact, faulty warrants are the most common reason why the Crown fails to convict in many marijuana grow operation cases.

The Consequences of a Drug Production Conviction

If you’re convicted of drug production, the court will look at a number of factors in your sentencing, including the amount of drugs you were producing and the level of sophistication of your operation. In marijuana cases, for example, this would include the number of plants you were caught growing and the quality of the production; your sentence would be heavier for a large amount of plants that require a number of employees to maintain, but if you have a crude operation with just a handful of plants, your sentence would likely be lighter. The Crown will also consider your prior criminal history when determining a sentence.

The list of consequences is long if you’re convicted: In addition to serious prison time, you could face job loss or the ineligibility to hold certain jobs, steep fines, the risk of the conviction being reported in the media, and the inability to travel to the United States or other countries. Your life can change irrevocably for the worst, so you need a hard-working, tenacious criminal lawyer who knows the intricacies of drug production cases and will do everything to ensure that you’re protected under the law.

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