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What is Fraud?

Fraud laws in Canada fall into two categories: fraud under $5000 and fraud over $5000, depending of course on the value of the amount at issue. Fraud is considered a property offence and most defendants may find themselves looking at a number of charges if the fraud took place over a period of time. Fraud includes breach of trust situations that may involve employers, credit or debit accounts, contractors, as well as financial and business fraud.

What are the Consequences of a Fraud Charge?

A plea of guilty on a fraud charge carries some rather strong penalties, and a criminal record may adversely affect your future work and educational opportunities, not to mention your reputation and personal freedom.

Under the Criminal Code of Canada, anyone found guilty of fraud under $5000 is guilty of an indictable offence that may be punishable by imprisonment of up to fourteen months. Those convicted of fraud over $5000 may face imprisonment of up to two years.

Once fraud charges have been filed, simply paying back the money defrauded will not stop the legal proceedings against you. Filing or dropping charges is up to the Crown Prosecutor. Repayment may, however, become a mitigating factor that may lead to a lesser sentence. If the case against you is not particularly strong, then a payback offer may be an effective bargaining tool that may result in charges being summarily dismissed.

How an Experienced Criminal Defence Lawyer Can Help

As with any criminal charge, you do have options available to you for a legal defence, including lack of intent to defraud. This depends of course on the circumstances of the fraudulent activity. It is important to meet with an experienced criminal defence lawyer at the earliest opportunity to discuss the details of your case and develop the strongest possible defence strategy. Your lawyer is there to make sure that your legal rights are protected and that you have effective representation when the case goes before a judge.

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