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Taking a Life Can Result in Life in Prison

A homicide charge is quite possibly the single most serious criminal charge that a person can face. Homicide charges include first degree murder, second degree murder, infanticide and manslaughter. The Crown Prosecutor will determine what charges are to be filed based on the circumstances of the crime as well as the accused’s state of mind. Homicide charges carry with them the most serious and severe penalties and prison terms in Canada.

Types of Homicide Charges

First degree murder charges are filed when the prosecution has reason to believe that the accused took another’s life with planning and deliberation. If the murder attempt was unsuccessful, then the accused may be charged with attempted murder. Purpose and intent is not required when the case involves the murder of a police officer or if the murder was committed within the context of specified offences found in the Criminal Code, such as terrorism, hostage taking, forcible confinement, kidnapping, hijacking, sexual assault, or intimidation. The sentence for first degree murder is life in prison with no parole option for 25 years.

Homicide cases that do not fall under the classification of first degree murder, such as a killing committed during a fight in the heat of the moment, without planning or forethought, will generally be prosecuted as second degree murder. Sentences for second degree murder are life with no possibility of parole for 10 to 25 years.

Manslaughter is defined as any culpable act that was committed without the intent to kill. Some common types of manslaughter are unlawful act manslaughter or manslaughter by criminal negligence.

Given the severe consequences of a homicide conviction, if you or a family member are facing any sort of homicide charge, it is important to immediately secure the services of a qualified and competent criminal defence lawyer who has experience with homicide cases. An experienced defence lawyer will have the knowledge and expertise to properly defend your rights in court and prepare the most aggressive and effective possible defense in your case.

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