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So when is the right time to contact an employment law firm? As in most cases where legal matters are concerned, the earlier the better. If you are an employee, you should speak with a lawyer if you feel or suspect that your rights have been violated, or if you have concerns about a workplace policy or issue such as your pay or benefits, your hours, your workplace safety, or a possible disciplinary action or dismissal. If you are an employer, speak with a lawyer anytime an employee raises complaints or accusations of impropriety, or anytime you are considering a personnel action or workplace policy change. Here are just a few of the ways an employment lawyer can be helpful:

Reviewing employment documents. In many workplaces, legal contracts dictate important terms of an employee’s pay and benefits, rights, and the terms on which his or her employment may be terminated. A lawyer can help draft important contracts, such as offer letters, employment contracts, non-competition agreements, and severance agreements. If another party has proposed such an agreement, a lawyer can review it, explain it in ordinary language, and propose modifications where possible to protect your rights. Before signing any employment-related agreement, talk with a qualified, competent employment law firm; your lawyer will know how to look for potential problems and create an agreement that works for your specific needs.

Understanding employment law. Seasoned employment lawyers have a wealth of knowledge about their field and are available to answer questions about your rights, your obligations, and how the law applies to your unique problems and challenges. Whether you are an employer considering a change in workplace policy, or an employee who is concerned about a workplace conflict, a lawyer can assess your situation and help you understand the underlying legal framework. Lawyers have immediate access to legal libraries and other resources—not to mention years of experience with similar cases— to draw upon in giving advice. They are not only familiar with the laws, but they also keep up with changes and new developments in employment law, whether that means a statute that has been amended or a new court decision at the provincial or federal level that may impact your workplace. They grapple with issues like yours every day, and as a result are in the best possible position to help you understand just how employment law applies to your particular situation.

Planning your legal strategy. A good wrongful dismissal law firm will be able to look at the facts of your unique case and plan a legal strategy designed to produce the most favorable results possible. They can also look at your case and warn you about possible pitfalls or weaknesses that could come back to haunt you. A lawyer can be a valuable ally in negotiating and resolving legal issues, preferably before they result in contentious litigation.

Representing you in court. Unfortunately, sometimes workplace issues can escalate into full-blown litigation before a commission or court. If you find yourself dealing with this kind of dispute, you do not want to face the legal process without a good lawyer to help you navigate the system, look out for your best interests, and advocate for you.

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Morrison Reist Krauss LLP is committed to helping employers and employees in the Kitchener – Waterloo area deal with legal challenges involving employment law. Melanie Reist has more than 25 years of legal experience, and she applies her formidable skills and expertise to obtain the best possible results for every client. She understands that every workplace is unique, and strives to find solutions that make sense for each client’s unique needs. She has founded her legal practice on a combination of skill, compassion, and dedication, and the result has been a solid track record of successful cases across all areas of employment law. Melanie Reist may be reached at 279 Queen St South, Kitchener, Ontario N2G 1W4, or by calling (866) 878-9125.