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Pamela Krauss (employment law)

A native of southern Saskatchewan, Pamela Krauss earned a bachelor of sciences and a bachelor of laws from the University of Western Ontario. Since her call to the Ontario Bar in 2006, Pamela gained invaluable experience in tax law, intellectual property law, information technology, and commercial law before joining the legal team at Morrison Reist. Today, she focuses her practice on employment law.

Pamela Krauss was drawn to employment law because it allows her to make use of her skills by offering solutions that are both creative and sensitive to her clients’ needs. She believes that success is achieved when preparation and opportunity meet, and that preparation requires a knowledge base. She sees herself not just a representative, but also an educator to her clients; by giving sound legal advice, she gives her clients the tools and guidance they need in order to create a positive work environment and make the workplace better for all parties.

Pamela has experience representing both employees and employers on matters ranging from wrongful dismissals to workplace policies. She is skilled at negotiating employment-related agreements such as non-competition clauses and severance packages. She brings unique value to her clients and to the firm due to her understanding of the business sector, intellectual property, the effects of technology on business, and the importance of tax consequences when it comes to protecting clients’ interests. Pamela Krauss brings the passion and dedication of a true advocate to every case she handles, and takes every available step to advocate for and protect her clients’ positions. She is a member of the Waterloo Law Association.

When not practicing law, Pamela is actively involved in her community through leadership, volunteerism, and education. She has served as the chair of the board of directors for the Kitchener Waterloo Alzheimer’s Society, and as a member of the Songwriting Association Of Canada.

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