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Charles Morrison (family law)

Charles Morrison has more than thirty years of experience in family law, and he brings his formidable expertise and skills to every case he represents.

Charles Morrison’s Approach to Family Law

Charles Morrison is a seasoned litigator, and has appeared at every level of the Ontario court system; he has also served as a deputy judge for the Ontario Small Claims Court. At the same time, Charles is also a strong believer in alternative methods of dispute resolution, and tries to help clients avoid contentious court proceedings whenever possible. He is especially enthusiastic about Collaborative Family Law, a user-friendly approach to the settlement of family issues. He has helped many clients handle their family law issues through negotiation and out-of-court settlements. As Charles explains, “Not every case is a court case, and ideally we resolve issues without ever having to see a judge.”

Charles approaches every case as unique; he seeks to understand each client’s particular situation and work toward a solution that makes sense for each family. He says that that perspective has kept his practice fresh and interesting over the course of three decades. He was initially drawn to the field of family law because “it requires an understanding of real people and real life situations” and continues to find the challenge of combining the complexities of the legal system with practicality and an understanding of human behaviour immensely rewarding.

In addition to his extensive expertise in handling separation agreements and divorce proceedings, Charles also works extensively with matters pertaining to cohabitation, common-law relationships, and prenuptial and marriage contracts to protect clients’ financial and personal interests. He also frequently advises clients who need to revise existing separation agreements or court orders to accommodate changes in their family’s circumstances or needs. In addition, he is one of a small number of Ontario lawyers who represent children in court proceedings through their involvement in the Office of the Children’s Lawyer. “I love working with kids and advocating on their behalf,” he explains. He also provides representation to clients involved in child welfare proceedings involving Children’s Aid Societies.

Charles originally hails from Toronto, where he began his legal career, but he has been a resident of Kitchener – Waterloo since the early 1990s. . When not practicing law, he enjoys working out, traveling, and reading.

Morrison Reist Law Firm: Expertise and Dedication

The Morrison Reist Law Firm is committed to helping clients resolve their family law issues. From pre-nuptial agreements and marriage contracts to child custody and protection matters to separation and divorce issues, their goal is to obtain the best possible results for each individual client. With more than 30 years of experience in family law, Charles Morrison has built his legal practice on a combination of skill, compassion, professionalism, and dedication to his clients. For family law cases, the Morrison Reist Law Firm offers an initial consultation (the first half-hour of which is free, excluding independent legal advice, opinion letters, execution of documents or prepaid plan referrals), during which the client can talk with a lawyer about his or her situation and needs. Charles Morrison may be reached at 279 Queen St. South, Kitchener, Ontario N2G 1W4, or by calling (866) 878-5166.