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Canadians and new arrivals to Canada alike may face a host of immigration issues for a variety of reasons. People who make the decision to immigrate to another country are making a bold move, and the immigration process itself may often be confusing and intimidating.

The immigration process in Canada differs depending on the type of immigration status for which you are applying. Although immigration officials try to be as prompt as possible in handling your case, the process for an immigration application can be a lengthy one.

An Experienced Immigration Lawyer Can Help

A qualified and experienced immigration lawyer can be your ally during the entire immigration process. Given the investment of time and attention to detail required for a successful immigration—not to mention the high stakes—you may want a professional in your corner.

A lawyer can be invaluable in many ways, from helping you prepare your initial documentation to updating you on the status of your application to providing dependable and accurate information and guidance from start to finish.

A good immigration lawyer can also help you tackle specific problems, such as proving that your work experience meets the expectations of Canadian immigration officials, or providing advice on how to prepare for the French and/or English language tests required for certain immigration procedures. There are also any number of other problems that can delay or derail your immigration process, such as medical problems, criminal background, or application refusals. A good lawyer can help you avoid or overcome as many of these potential stumbling blocks as possible.

The Law Offices of Jennifer Roggemann Will Help You Navigate the Immigration Process

Jennifer Roggemann is experienced in all areas of immigration law; she understands the concerns faced by many newcomers, and has the expertise to help you find appropriate solutions. Jennifer’s office will guide and advise you every step of the way.

Immigration lawyer Jennifer Roggemann provides a wide variety of immigration- and resident-related services, including visas, work permits, citizenship applications, and much more.  She can help you prepare applications and supporting documentation, provide guidance and coaching for interviews and examinations, and help you deal with any unexpected issues that arise. Jennifer Roggmann and her team stand ready to help you make your immigration dreams a reality.

The Law Offices of Jennifer Roggemann are located at 1135 King St E Kitchener, ON N2G 2N3 and she can be reached by calling (519) 744-3570.  She serves Kitchener and all surrounding areas, and is committed to prompt and courteous communication, excellent follow-through, and timely preparation and filing of all relevant documents for your immigration case. Call now to get connected and start your immigration application today.