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The Permanent Resident Card (or PR card), introduced in 2002, is the primary method for Canadian residents to prove their legal status. It also allows residents to return to Canada via commercial carriers such as buses, airlines, or trains.

Timing Considerations For Permanent Resident Cards

New residents of Canada are required to supply a Canadian residential address at the time of their arrival; if one is not readily available, there is a 180-day window during which to provide the necessary information.

Permanent resident cards are usually issued for periods of five years, but one-year issuances are also common. Even if you have a permanent resident card, certain circumstances may cause your card to be revoked, and permanent residence withdrawn.

In the same vein, an expired card does not necessarily mean that the person’s permanent residence has expired; after the expiration date, the card must be replaced with a new one. Lost, stolen, or expired cards may be replaced for a $50 processing fee.

Applying for a Permanent Resident Card

The application process is fairly simple, but exact. Permanent resident permits may only be applied for in Canada. Single use Travel Documents may allow for a journey to Canada as a permanent resident.  You can usually obtain an application for a permanent resident card online. Read the accompanying materials before completing the application to make sure you are eligible for a Permanent Resident Card. Follow all instructions to the letter and be sure to provide all supporting documents that are required. If any element is unaccounted for, the application will be rejected and returned with a request for the missing information.

Be sure to include the following documents:

–        Your expired Permanent Resident Card

–        A copy of your valid passport or Travel Document

–        Any photos that are specified

–        Other identity documents that may be specified in the application.

The application fee of $50 CAD is payable in Canadian funds only. Be sure to pay the required fee and obtain a receipt for your records and a copy to include with the application. The application package provides instructions on where to submit your application. Applications for new cards can take up to 70 days to process.

An Experienced Immigration Lawyer Can Help

Immigration lawyer Jennifer Roggemann provides a wide variety of immigration- and resident-related services, including permanent resident cards. She can provide assistance with the application and supporting documentation, and can guide you through every step of the process.

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