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The Provincial Nominee Program is designed to allow people to immigrate to Canada who have specific skills, education, and work experience that is needed to make an immediate contribution to the economy of a province or territory. As the name suggests, nominee programs mean that individuals must be nominated by a given province in order to be considered for acceptance. The individuals chosen must be ready to establish themselves as permanent residents of Canada.

Applying for a Provincial Nominee Program

Most of the provinces in Canada have provincial nominee programs, through which they can nominate immigrants who wish to settle in that area. The criteria for nomination is determined by the individual province or territory, and criteria may change without notice, so be sure to thoroughly research the area you are considering before submitting any sort of application for the program.

Nominees must first apply to the province to become a part of the program and complete the nomination process. The province officials will then consider the application based on needs and the genuine intention of the applicant to settle there.

Permanent Residence Application as Part of the Provincial Nomination Process

Once the nomination is presented, applicants must make a separate application to the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) for permanent residence. A CIC representative will assess the application, and both a medical exam and police certificate will be required.

As with any immigration process, it is important to be sure that all forms are completed in full and that all relevant supporting documents are provided. Answer all questions fully and as truthfully as possible. If the application is in any way incomplete, it will not be processed.

There is a non refundable processing fee that must be paid at the time the application is submitted, as well as a Right of Permanent Residence Fee which must be paid if the application is approved. This fee is refundable if you should, for any reason, cancel your application. You will also have to pay for your medical exam, a police certificate, and any language testing that may be required.

Use the checklist that comes with the application to make sure you have completed all steps and included all necessary materials. Don’t forget to include the confirmation of nomination in the application packet. CIC will not begin to process the application if any element is missing, or if forms are not completed and signed. Applications should be mailed to the Centralized Intake Office in Sydney, Nova Scotia (Canada). Unlike other immigration applications, do not submit your application to the Canadian visa office for your country.

An Experienced Immigration Lawyer Can Help

Immigration lawyer Jennifer Roggemann provides a wide variety of immigration-related services in the Kitchener area, including assistance with Provincial Nominee applications. She can help you prepare the application and all supporting documentation, and can provide guidance and coaching for the interview process.

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