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Perhaps you need to travel to Canada for an extended period, either for work or family issues. You may be able to obtain a Temporary Resident Permit. Below you’ll find some basic information on Temporary Resident Permits.

Eligibility For Temporary Resident Permits

Eligibility for Temporary Resident Permits are based on the applicant’s need to remain in Canada, and whether that need outweighs any health or safety risks to Canadian society. Applicants must prove that their need to enter the country is valid.

Temporary Resident Permits are not the same thing as a Temporary Resident Visa. Temporary Resident Permits are issued only in exceptional cases; the application fee is non-refundable, and there are no guarantees that a Temporary Resident Permit will be issued. Furthermore, the permit may be cancelled at any time, rendering the holder subject to admissibility hearings or removal orders.

Duration of Temporary Resident Permits

Temporary Resident Permits are only issued for specific periods of time, and those periods are often quite short. The permit holder must either leave the country or apply for a new permit before the one they are holding expires. Temporary Resident Permits become invalid if you leave the country, unless there is a provision in the permit that allows you to leave and return.

How to Apply For a Temporary Resident Permit

Applicants can check with the visa office for your country to find out about specific application procedures and to request application forms for Temporary Resident Permits.

Those who have been deemed inadmissible to Canada will have to submit their application along with supporting documentation explaining exactly why they are inadmissible and why they should be allowed to enter the country.  In some cases, a personal interview may be conducted to allow immigration officers to review and assess your application.

There is a processing fee of $200 CAD to cover the cost of the application and review process. The fee is non-refundable, even if the permit is refused. The visa office can provide details on payment instructions.

Jennifer Roggemann Can Help You With Your Temporary Resident Permit Application

The Law Offices of Jennifer Roggemann provide a wide variety of immigration-related services, including temporary residence applications. Jennifer can assist you with with the application and supporting documentation, and can provide guidance and coaching for the interview.

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