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Little known fact: in Ontario, you may not automatically qualify for accident benefits in the aftermath of a car accident, which coincidentally, is the time you will need them the most. Specialized criteria must be met before accident benefits can be administered. For this reason alone, it is a good idea to contact an accident lawyer that has experience in accident benefit cases.

Accident Benefit Cases In Ontario - ¬ĚTypes of Benefits Available

If you are unable to work following a car accident, you may be entitled to receive income replacement benefits; however, this benefit is only provided to people who have been employed for at least 26 out of the last 52 weeks prior to the accident. The victim must have also sustained injuries that resulted in the inability to perform the essential tasks required by their place of employment. Moreover, benefits may not necessarily replace all of the income that was lost.

Non-earner benefits are available for those who were not working before the accident; this can help people who do not qualify for income replacement benefits, but who may still be unable to carry on with normal life as a result of the accident.

Housekeeping and home maintenance benefits may be available to those who, as a result of their injury, are unable to perform normal housekeeping routines. These benefits may help cover housekeeping expenses that would not have been incurred if the accident had not happened.

Those who are the primary caregiver for their children may be entitled to caregiver benefits, if the accident in question renders them unable to provide the level of care that they were capable of previously.

Attendant care benefits are there for those who have been rendered unable to take care of themselves, and as such, need the ministrations of an attendant. This may apply to family, friends, or hired help.

Medical and rehabilitation benefits are offered for those who require extended medical attention such as rehab or therapy in the wake of a car accident. This covers physiotherapy, chiropractic treatment, prescription medications, and assistive devices such as crutches, wheelchairs, canes, and other aids.

Motor vehicle-related collisions such as car accidents, pedestrian accidents, single-car collisions, or motorcycle accidents may qualify you for any number of the benefits listed above, and they may be provided whether you were the party at fault or not. In any case, you should contact a qualified accident lawyer with experience in accident benefit cases. Accident lawyers know the legal system and the nuances of the law, and will represent you effectively to make sure you receive the full benefits that are due to you.

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Rein Lomax brings nearly two decades of legal experience to the table, including many cases involving accident benefits. He is highly regarded by clients, the court system, and the legal community in London and throughout southwestern Ontario. He will make sure you receive the highest quality professional representation for your case, and is committed to making sure your rights and best interests are protected.

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