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If you suffer from a chronic pain condition, either as the result of a natural physical problem or unexpected injury, then you are aware of the challenges faced by such a problem. It is hard enough to obtain proper medical diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation. In those cases where the condition was the result of somebody else’s carelessness or neglect, then you also may need to understand your legal rights and options. If your disability benefits end, or if the party that caused your condition refuses to take responsibility, then you need advice from an experienced accident lawyer.

Accident Lawyers and Chronic Pain

Many people suffering from chronic pain face obstacles to getting the care and compensation they deserve. In some cases, insurers may decide that the person experiencing the chronic pain problem has not provided enough evidence of their condition to receive benefits through their insurance. There are other cases where so-called “invisible disabilities” may be present, problems that are commonly associated with chronic pain such as depression or anxiety. These are often misunderstood and misinterpreted by many insurers, and victims may encounter issues with obtaining coverage for these conditions.

The good news is that in recent years, the Canadian Court system has become much more informed about and sympathetic to the plight of those suffering from these conditions. In 2003, the Supreme Court of Canada made the following observations about chronic pain as a disabling condition:

“Chronic pain syndrome and related medical conditions have emerged in recent years as one of the most difficult problems facing workers’ compensation schemes in Canada and around the world. There is no authoritative definition of chronic pain. It is, however, generally considered to be pain that persists beyond the normal healing time for the underlying injury or is disproportionate to such injury, and whose existence is not supported by objective findings at the site of the injury under current medical techniques. Despite this lack of objective findings, there is no doubt that chronic pain patients are suffering and in distress, and that the disability they experience is real.”

An Accident Lawyer You Can Trust

Even though chronic pain conditions have been more widely recognized by the courts, it remains imperative for those seeking compensation to secure the services of a qualified chronic pain lawyer. These professionals have the knowledge, experience, and legal tools to work within the legal system to protect the rights of their clients. A lawyer who understands the nature of these medical conditions and has experience litigating these types of cases is a major plus for anyone suffering from chronic pain problems. Having an experienced accident lawyers in your corner will provide you with some much-needed peace of mind and allow you to concentrate on more pressing matters such as your treatment and rehabilitation.

Rein Lomax brings nearly two decades of legal experience to the table, including cases dealing with motor vehicle accidents, slip and fall accidents, and chronic pain. He is highly regarded by clients, the court system, and the legal community in London and throughout southwestern Ontario. He will make sure you receive the highest quality professional representation for your case, and is committed to making sure your rights and best interests are protected.

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