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Rein Lomax LL.B.

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Call to Bar, Ontario, 1995
LL.B., University of Western Ontario Law School, 1993
B.A., (Economics), University of Western Ontario, 1990

Advocate’s Society
Canadian Bar Association
Law Society of Upper Canada
Middlesex Law Association
Ontario Bar Association
Ontario Trial Lawyers Association


When it comes to personal injury, Rein Lomax is one of the preeminent lawyers in the London, Ontario area. After earning a degree in Economics and a law degree from the University of Western Ontario, Rein was called to the Bar in 1995 and has had a successful law practice as a personal injury lawyer for almost two decades. He first worked as a partner in a litigation law firm that he co-founded. In 2001, Rein founded the Lomax Law Firm, and he is now one of the most active lawyers in his area of practice. Rein is a member in good standing of the Canadian Bar Association, Ontario Bar Association, Middlesex Law Association, Law Society of Upper Canada, Ontario Trial Lawyers Association, and the Advocates Society. He also devotes time to colleges and other organizations, lecturing on personal injury law. When he is not practicing law, he enjoys spending time with his two boys, Erik and Harrison.

Rein Lomax’s Approach to Personal Injury Law

Rein Lomax recognizes where he falls in the grand scheme of his clients’ lives. “I’m usually the last person they want to see. They have been injured, and the physical and psychological pain and stress associated with such an event has an impact in every part of their lives. They wonder if they will be able to work again, and family relationships may be frayed. We are here to help them work toward becoming whole again. That includes obtaining the best possible treatment as well as financial compensation.” Whatever the situation, Rein Lomax’s goal is always the same: “If someone was broken when they came in, I want them to walk out in a far better place, both physically and psychologically, as a result of our work.”

Rein Lomax believes that there is a cathartic element to seeing justice served. The mental and physical well-being of a client improves when they feel that there has been recompense for what they have been through. He admits, however, that sometimes it is an imperfect justice; not every client fully recovers from their injuries. Most would trade away financial compensation for a pain-free life.

Rein Lomax understands that most of the folks who engage his law firm have never been involved in a litigation process before. They are understandably nervous, and his immediate goal is to put them at ease by making sure they fully understand the process and their options.

“They’re intimidated by the process, and they are afraid for their future,” he says. “They want to know if they will be able to work again, and if their family will be provided for. We make sure they know that we are there to first and foremost make sure that they receive the medical care they need. As for litigation, it is simply a process through which we protect their rights as a victim. Fears and insecurities are perfectly normal, a natural reaction. When you’ve been injured, you need someone in your corner, and we are there to be just that. We help take care of the legal side of things and allow you to concentrate on getting better.”

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