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It can happen to anyone; each day, we face the risk of being injured, either in a slip-and-fall, or in a car wreck, or in any number of unexpected ways. Personal injury means time lost from work or school, and the activities you enjoy. It can also impact your family life, particularly if the injury is a major one requiring intensive care. The road to healing and recovery can be a long one, and the physical, emotional, and mental strain can be considerable - not to mention the financial stress that so often accompanies these life-changing events.

How a Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help

In the aftermath of an injury, there are hospitals, doctors, therapists, and medications to assist you in your recovery. You probably want to resume your normal lifestyle as soon as possible following this setback, but as you concentrate on the medical aspects of your injury, don’t neglect your legal rights in the matter. Just as you have doctors and medical personnel on your side in your recovery efforts, so you should have a personal injury lawyer and a competent team of legal advisers in your corner looking out for your rights and best interests.

The Lomax Law Firm has a proven track record when it comes to representing clients in a wide variety of personal injury cases. Rein Lomax and his team of legal professionals are available to assess your case and provide hands-on guidance as you move forward. We are committed to helping you get the treatment you need, and we will make sure you receive the maximum possible recovery for your injuries. Even if your basic medical needs are covered by OHIP, some accidents may cause you to run up considerable medical expenses due to rehabilitation, therapy, and other expenses that are not automatically covered.

A Personal Injury Lawyer Who Is In Your Corner

Rein Lomax is a personal injury lawyer who gets it. He understands the problems that can arise in the wake of an accident - problems that, if not addressed, can negatively impact your life and the lives you those you love the most. You need a resolution to your case that is effective and beneficial, and we are committed to making sure that is what you get.

Call the Lomax Law Firm today to speak to a personal injury legal professional. We will review your case and Rein Lomax will provide a free consultation - he will explain the nuances involved in your case, walk you through how the process would proceed, and make recommendations on how to get started.

Rein Lomax brings nearly two decades of personal injury legal experience to the table. He is well-respected by his clients, by the courts, and by the legal community in the London, Ontario area. He will make sure you receive the highest quality professional representation for your case, and is committed to making sure your rights and best interests are protected.

For your personal injury case, contact the Lomax Law Firm at 100 Fullarton St., London, ON N6A 1K1 Canada, by calling (519) 488-6640.

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