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Sometimes we choose our destiny. Other times it chooses us. For David Hobson, both are true. His legal career was shaped by his experiences growing up, as his father’s work took their family to many different locations. Young David saw the importance of being able to defend and protect your rights, and in the process developed a sympathy for those who are unable to do so. From this belief that everyone is entitled to fundamental rights and protections, he ultimately chose law as his career path.

David Hobson: Experience, Expertise, and Commitment

A highlight of Hobson’s early career was articling with J. Arthur Martin, who was widely recognized as one of the leading criminal lawyers in Canada at that time. Martin’s mentoring provided the strong foundation for David Hobson’s successful criminal defence practice, which has spanned more than three decades.

After graduation from law school and articling, David Hobson served as a Crown Attorney, prosecuting criminal cases in Toronto. This work proved invaluable to him when he began to focus on defence work; his experience as a prosecutor for the federal government has helped him to defend his clients against all types of criminal charges. Once he entered into private practice, David Hobson was assigned as the Queen’s Counsel by the Province of Ontario, and has been in continuous practice for over 36 years. He has also had the opportunity to become Senior Counsel in York Region. He also makes time to serve as a mentor for younger lawyers, particularly on matters of ethics and procedure, and he takes this responsibility very seriously.

David Hobson’s Approach to Criminal Law

David Hobson has enjoyed the limelight that comes with high-profile criminal cases, but his most rewarding cases have been those where he felt that the accused person deserved a break, and managed to convince the court to see it the same way. To this day, the most satisfying part of his work is the protection of every individual’s fundamental rights, and he is committed to seeing that the justice system works in a manner that is fair to all.

David makes it a point to remain current with all of the constantly-changing developments in criminal law. By concentrating solely on criminal matters, he is able to provide a level of expertise and competence that can only be achieved through constant practice and everyday immersion in this complex area of law. His reputation in the legal community is one of not only skill, but integrity and professionalism.

Hobson & Reeve Barristers

Criminal convictions carry with them grave and long-lasting consequences that can impact your reputation, your employment, your finances, and even your freedom. You can trust David Hobson to apply every ounce of his experience, knowledge, and skill to defend you and your future.

The lawyers of Hobson & Reeve have over 60 years of combined experience in criminal law, and have worked hard to establish a solid reputation as formidable opponents in court, as well as effective negotiators when it comes to plea bargains. David Hobson and Dennis Reeve both have served as Crown Attorneys as well as defence lawyers; this unique perspective enables them to protect their clients’ rights and craft the best possible defence on behalf of each client. They are committed to putting their years of experience to work for you. Their offices are located at 34 Eagle Street, Newmarket, Ontario, L3Y 1J1, or they can be reached by calling (866) 815-2745.