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Too often, people make the mistake of choosing to represent themselves when it comes to legal matters. They think it is an open and shut case, that the judge will surely see things their way, and that the system will surely decide in their favor. Unfortunately things may not work out that way in real life. Sadly, some folks who might have had a good chance at winning their case end up losing because they made the wrong decisions early on.

Tips for Finding and Choosing a Criminal Lawyer

For starters, never try to represent yourself. The legal system can be a confusing maze, and you need the assistance and guidance of someone who knows the territory and how to successfully navigate it. You want to trust your case to a criminal law firm with expertise and experience in your area of need, someone who can mount a solid defense on your behalf and successfully argue it before a judge or jury.

In choosing a criminal lawyer, be sure to hire someone with a local office in or near the city or geographic region where the legal problems arose. You want someone close to the action, someone familiar with the local courts and the community, not someone who is trying to make your case long-distance.

Ask for references. A good criminal lawyer will have no problem providing multiple references who can assure you that the firm is effective, skillful, and trustworthy .

Ask for a copy of the law firm’s brochure and promotional materials. This should ideally be crosschecked against other legal resources to make sure the firm you are considering is legitimate.

Ask to see a copy of the retainer agreement, and have them talk you through it before deciding to retain the services of the law firm. Good legal representation may cost a significant amount of money, so you want to make sure you know what you are signing up for.

Make use of your common sense when choosing a criminal law firm. You need to be comfortable with your choice, confident that your lawyer has your best interests at heart and can mount the most effective campaign for your defense.

Engel & Associates handles many types of criminal defense matters in Ottawa and the surrounding communities. The office is located at 116 Lisgar St. Suite 210 Ottawa, ON K2P 0C2, or the firm may be reached by calling (866) 762-9250.