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Domestic assault is generally an act of violence perpetuated between members of a family or household. While there are many types of domestic assault cases, the most common situation tends to arise when a man is charged with having assaulted or threatened his girlfriend or spouse. Domestic charges often stem from arguments or physical confrontations between spouses; such situations can rapidly get out of control and end with someone getting hurt.

Domestic Assault In Ottawa: Investigations

Domestic assault investigations often begin with police responding to an emergency call. In many cases, two police officers respond; one officer talks to one of the parties involved in the altercation, and the other officer focuses on the other party. If the allegations of criminal behavior prove valid, then the accused (often a husband or boyfriend) is placed under arrest and charged with the applicable counts of domestic assault.

Sometimes, an accuser will feel regret and attempt to have domestic assault charges withdrawn. The government, however, is often reluctant to take these charges off the table once they have been filed. Experienced legal counsel can help in pursuing the course of withdrawing domestic assault charges.

If you have been accused of domestic assault, it is worthwhile to engage an experienced defense attorney as early in the process as possible. Your attorney can help you preserve your recollections of the event, document injuries and other evidence (you may not necessarily want to rely on the police for this), preserve your legal rights, and begin laying important groundwork for trial.

Bail in Domestic Assault Cases

In some cases, the accused may be allowed to make bail, but he will generally be restricted from having any access to the accusing spouse or partner until the case is brought to trial. Depending on the judge assigned to the case, the husband may be remanded into custody if the court believes that there is a threat of further violence. Because of the complexities of obtaining bail in these cases, a domestic assault lawyer can be a helpful resource, providing representation for the accused and helping to navigate the Ottawa legal system.

Domestic Assault Trials and Penalties

As with most criminal cases, the court and all of the involved parties generally wish to dispense with the case as rapidly as possible. Unfortunately, unless the defendant pleads guilty, a domestic assault case may take months to wind its way through the system; families may be separated and their lives disrupted for extended periods of time.

Facing a domestic assault charge can be an overwhelming and traumatizing experience. Domestic assault trials can also be legally complex due to the fact that in many cases, the star witness, the accuser, may be reluctant to testify. An experienced domestic assault attorney can be invaluable in dealing with these and many other legal challenges that may arise during your case.

Penalties for domestic assault may include jail time, fines, or both. In some cases, probation may be granted; probation generally comes with the condition that the convicted obtain counseling and not have any contact with the victim.

Ottawa Law Firms And Your Defense

In any case of domestic assault, it is important for the defendant to be properly represented by legal counsel. The consequences of a conviction are far too severe to trust the defense to your own resources and efforts. A qualified domestic assault lawyer will be well versed in this area of the law, and can help you mount an effective defense to protect your rights, your record, and your reputation.

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