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Nobody likes to find out they have been taken, especially when it results in losing money, property, or both. Fraud crimes have been around since the first time someone figured out that he could get away with something at the expense of another person. Over time it has grown to encompass individuals, groups, and even large organizations. If you have been accused of fraudulent activity, you should consult a fraud lawyer for assistance with your case.

Bruce Engel defends fraud cases, especially tax fraud, breach of trust, and bank and insurer fraud cases. He is an experienced and knowledgeable fraud attorney who can handle your defense and get your case ready for court.

Types of Fraud

Tax fraud is an extremely difficult charge to face, because the government will go to great lengths to shore up its case before making the accusation public. If you find yourself faced with a tax fraud charge, it is important to secure the services of a fraud crimes legal expert right away; in fact, if you suspect that such accusations are forthcoming, it is best secure legal counsel as early as possible. A good fraud lawyer will be able to work with accountants and other financial experts to review your tax issues and craft a defense. In some cases, the fraud claim may be resolved before charges are officially filed.

Breach of trust is another type of fraud, and generally arises when someone responsible for the care of a senior or child misappropriates funds or property, thereby “breaching the trust” of the person for whom the caretaker was responsible. Breach of trust may also be applied to political fraud, insider trading, and other situations where one party takes advantage of another party for improper financial gain.

Bank and insurer fraud are yet another area of fraud that is all too commonplace in Canada. Examples of this type of fraud might include obtaining loans or credit through false identities, working with forged documents, or giving false information on applications or claim forms.

How Engel & Associates Can Help

Accusations of fraud can irrevocably damage your reputation, not to mention your future, and the penalties that go along with these types of charges are considerable. If you may be facing fraud charges, your first step is to secure qualified legal counsel. Lengthy government investigations usually precede fraud charges, which means that there is time to successfully avoid charges or at the very least, have them minimized. Getting a good fraud lawyer involved early on can only help the defendant once the case ends up in court.

The team at Engel & Associates has a successful history defending businesses and individuals that have been accused of fraud and other white collar crimes. Bruce Engel has more than two decades of experience in criminal law, and is committed to the highest standards in criminal defense and client satisfaction. Engel & Associates are trusted experts in criminal defense in Ottawa and the surrounding communities. They are located at 116 Lisgar St. Suite 210 Ottawa, ON K2P 0C2, and they may be reached by calling (866) 762-9250.