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Harassment, more commonly known as stalking, is a criminal activity that involves unwanted harassing behavior such as following, communicating with, or watching over a victim’s home or business. Harassment sometimes escalates from bothersome behavior into actual violence which may result in injury or even death. Harassment is against the law in Ottawa.

What is Harassment?

Under the current law, criminal harassment occurs when someone knowingly or recklessly causes another person to reasonably fear for their safety or the safety of someone they know. Harassment can be comprised of a number of different behaviors that are intended to control and frighten victims. This conduct might include repeatedly following the victim or someone they know from place to place, repeatedly communicating with the victim or someone they know, or watching them in their home or some other place. Other examples include but are not limited to repeated telephone calls, repeated sending of letters or stealing of mail, repeated e-mail or live chat harassment, the sending of unwanted gifts such as flowers, showing up at the person’s work or residence, threatening harm to family, friends, or pets, or vandalizing the person’s car or residence. Harassment may escalate into kidnapping or physical, emotional or sexual assault.

Harassment Statistics And Results

Over 80% of the harassment victims in Canada are women, with 88% of the stalkers found to be men. The link between harassment and domestic assault has been well-established. Harassment lawyers are well versed in the disturbing statistics involved with harassment. Harassment PenaltiesUnder Canadian law, harassment is a criminal offense that is generally prosecuted by summary conviction or by indictment. A defendant who is convicted of harassment may face a maximum penalty of ten years in prison.If You Have Been Accused of HarassmentIf you have been charged with harassment or stalking, a specialized harassment attorney can offer legal counsel and representation. Experienced harassment attorneys are familiar with how the laws are commonly prosecuted in Ottawa and can be of invaluable service when it comes to preparing a case and mounting an effective defense.

Your Defense – A Harassment Lawyer

In cases of harassment or stalking (especially where the defendant has been wrongfully accused), it becomes extremely important to secure a competent harassment attorney, someone who can mount an effective defense and protect your rights, record, and reputation. A qualified lawyer will have experience in this area of the law, and know how to work with you to prepare your defense and get ready for your day in court. Bruce Engel has more than two decades of experience in criminal law, including cases involving harassment charges. He is committed to the highest standards in criminal defense and client satisfaction. The Law Offices of Bruce Engel handle numerous areas in criminal defense in Ottawa and the surrounding communities. He is located at 116 Lisgar St. Suite 210 Ottawa, ON K2P 0C2, and he may be reached by calling (866) 762-9250.