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“White collar crime” is a term that is sometimes used in connection with occupational and corporate crime, offenses that are committed against legitimate institutions by individuals with otherwise respectable social standing. Examples may include embezzlement of funds, tax evasion, computer crime, and fraud relating to expense accounts. “Corporate crime” generally refers to offenses that have been committed by legitimate institutions in order to further their own interests at the expense of another. This may include the fixing of prices on goods or services, the dumping of pollutants or contaminants, kickback payments, misleading advertising, or the selling or hazardous materials.

White Collar Crime – The Upper Crust Of The Criminal WorldIn Ottawa, occupational crime is prohibited under the Canadian Criminal Code. These cases are often complicated, because when the perpetrators are a company’s own employees, the employer may not discover the theft right away, and in some cases may not report the theft in order to avoid unwanted publicity. The offending employee may simply be terminated and the matter dismissed (although in some cases they may be required to make restitution under the threat of prosecution). These crimes may cause considerable financial harm, as well as personal injury. There are also laws on the books designed to prohibit companies from harming competitors or the public. For example, it is illegal for a company to make false claims about products or prices, or to sell contaminated food and drugs. Other laws are designed to protect investors from unscrupulous brokers, and to protect workers from exploitative employment practices. Computer crimes are regulated through amendments to the Copyright Act.

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Penalties for white collar crimes may include prison time, probation, and/or fines as high as $10 million, depending of course on the nature of the crime and the discretion of the judge. If you are the target of a white collar crime investigation, you do not want to go through this alone, nor do you have to. White collar crime attorneys like Bruce Engel are in the business of navigating the waters of the legal system and protecting the rights of their clients.

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Bruce Engel brings over 20 years of legal experience to the table, and has established a reputation within the Ottawa legal community as a lawyer with impressive expertise in criminal law, a willingness to work towards a fair outcome, and a professional in every sense of the word. These traits ensure that his voice is heard and considered in court. The most obvious beneficiaries of his commitment to judicial excellence are his clients.Bruce Engel has argued white collar crime cases at multiple levels of the Canadian legal system, and has a proven track record of successful rulings. At the end of the day, however, he finds that he is still driven by the same calling he felt in law school—the call to help people who find themselves in dire circumstances. In a legal system that can be complex and confusing, Bruce Engel’s convictions and commitments are surprisingly simple. “I want to do the best I can for my client,” he says. “I take pride in what I do, and I want to do it well.”The Law Offices of Bruce Engel handle many types of white collar crime and criminal defense cases in Ottawa and the surrounding communities. He is located at 116 Lisgar St. Suite 210 Ottawa, ON K2P 0C2, and he may be reached by calling (866) 762-9250.