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When is the best time to contact a criminal law firm? Ideally, as soon as you have reason to believe you are under investigation for criminal activity, even before you agree to questioning by the police. In any case, you should engage legal counsel as soon as possible after you are arrested or charged with a crime. Remember, once you have been arrested, anything you say can, and probably will, be used against you in a court of law. In many cases, it is preferable to say as little as possible.

If you are under investigation for or have been charged with a crime, you need legal help. You want someone who is in your corner, and who has your best interests at heart. Someone who knows the Canadian criminal justice system inside and out, and who can construct a solid defence on your behalf. That is where criminal lawyers and their expertise come into the picture. Criminal cases can become quite complex, and in virtually every case, you will benefit from a lawyer’s knowledge of criminal law and procedure as it applies in your situation.

Your Lawyer May Be Able to Help You Avoid a Trial

Sometimes cases can be dismissed if there is insufficient evidence, or evidence that was obtained through improper or illegal procedures. In other cases, the charges may be reduced through successful negotiation between the defence lawyer and the Crown Attorney. These avenues are difficult to pursue, however, without legal counsel. For these reasons, among others, it is imperative to have a solid criminal defence lawyer working on your defence.

Choosing a Criminal Lawyer in Ontario

Resist the urge to respond to flashy TV ads or the first eye-catching website or printed ad you see. Successful legal firms will not resort to tacky advertising gimmicks; they get many of their clients through word of mouth. In researching attorneys, see whether the lawyer you are considering has written any legal articles, and whether he or she is a member in good standing with the local Bar Association. Above all, ask about experience; you want a law firm with a solid track record of success in cases like yours.

What To Expect From Your Lawyer

When you retain a defence lawyer, you will likely have an initial consultation with the lawyer to discuss the case. In some cases, this meeting can be held in the lawyer’s office, while others take place in the jail itself. Your lawyer will ask questions to learn about the case and its status. Your defence lawyer can then suggest a course of action. As the case progresses, your lawyer can help you decide whether to take the case to trial or attempt to plea bargain, and can suggest other options that may prove beneficial to you.

Your criminal defence lawyer will be in charge of managing your case, organizing documents, compiling exhibits, and interviewing witnesses. The lawyer will provide all pretrial briefs and paperwork to the court ahead of the trial. In some cases, it may be possible to negotiate a deal for a lighter sentence, with plea bargain offers from the Crown providing the encouragement for the defendant to plead guilty to a lesser sentence.

Aitken Robertson: Ontario Criminal Defence Attorneys

The legal team at the law firm of Aitken Robertson has decades of experience in criminal law, with a solid track record of successful cases throughout Peterborough and Ontario. They offer a free initial consultation, affordable fees with flexible payment plans, and evening and weekend hours. They can defend you in any criminal matter, including drug offences, assaults, theft, and fraud, as well as bail hearings and criminal appeals. You can reach Richard Aitken and his colleagues through any one of Aitken Robertson’s office locations or by calling (866) 762-9218.