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In Canada, there is no such thing as a minor drug charge. Despite recent discussions about legalizing marijuana, drugs remain illegal in Canada. Drug offences are investigated and prosecuted to the limit of the law; proceedings are generally led by specialized teams of federal lawyers. Convictions on drug charges carry some serious consequences, including prison time; they can also wreak havoc with other processes such as immigration status, secondary education, future employment opportunities, and ability to travel to the United States. Even a minor drug charge can have long-term negative impacts on your life. For these reasons, you need to have an experienced drug attorney in your corner; your lawyer’s experience and skills can help protect your future.

Drugs in Canada

In the Canadian legal system, drugs (which are referred to as “controlled substances”) are classified according to their severity. Schedule 1 contains “hard drugs” such as cocaine and heroin, while Schedule 2 contains marijuana, hashish, and related substances. Many “designer drugs” such as LSD, amphetamines, and ecstasy are categorized under Schedule 3. The most common drug offences in Canada are trafficking, possession, and possession with the intent of trafficking.

The police, the courts, and prosecutors may handle drug offences differently depending on the type of drug involved, and whether it is for one’s own personal use or to be sold for profit. For example, a small amount of marijuana acquired for personal use would generally face a lesser penalty than marijuana seized in a school or packaged for sale. Hard drugs or commercial quantities of drugs are more vigorously investigated and prosecuted, largely because such cases are often associated with organized crime.

Drug Possession Charges

In a drug case, the term “possession” is a catchall. You do not have to be in literal possession of drugs in order to be charged with a possession offence. There are other forms of possession, such as constructive possession and joint possession. For example, you may be found guilty of possession if someone else possesses drugs on your property, as long as the other person has control of the drugs with your knowledge and consent.

Drug Trafficking Charges

Trafficking charges are generally brought when the authorities believe that drugs are being sold, transported, or distributed. The police have an arsenal of techniques designed to catch and build a case against suspected drug traffickers; these cases often involve a combination of surveillance, confidential informants, undercover officers, and in some cases, controlled deliveries and judicially authorized wiretaps.

Aitken Robertson: Your Defence Against Drug Charges

If you have been charged with a drug-related crime, or if you believe you are under investigation for drug-related activity, contact an experienced drug lawyer as soon as possible. Drug convictions mean harsh sentences, including steep fines and jail time. Legal professionals are familiar with drug laws and legal procedures involved in drug cases in your province; the right lawyer can craft a solid defence that protects your legal rights and minimizes the consequences you face. Your lawyer may be able to work out a deal with prosectors to reduce or even dismiss charges. For most people, it is very difficult to pursue a successful defence strategy without professional help.

The legal team at the law firm of Aitken Robertson has decades of experience in criminal law, with a solid track record of successful cases throughout Peterborough and Ontario. They offer a free initial consultation, affordable fees with flexible payment plans, and evening and weekend hours. They can represent you in any criminal matter, including drug offences, assaults, theft, and fraud, as well as bail hearings and criminal appeals. You can reach Richard Aitken and his colleagues through any one of Aitken Robertson’s office locations or by calling (866) 762-9218.