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When Richard Aitken became the head of the Aitken Robertson Barristers & Solicitors in 1999, his goal was to provide assistance to people criminal charges. He began looking for the most talented and experienced legal professionals he could find to join his law firm. His concept was simple: to assemble a team of lawyers with experience in all types of criminal defence, lawyers who had proven themselves not only through education, but through proactive contribution to their professions and communities.

Today, Aitken Robertson is still committed to fighting for every client’s freedom and reputation. The firm now boasts a top-notch legal team of seven talented and experienced lawyers with a wealth of legal knowledge and expertise in all areas of the Canadian criminal justice system. All of the firm’s lawyers take an active role in every case, so clients get the benefit of multiple perspectives for the price of a single lawyer.

Edmund Chan: Experienced Criminal Defence Attorney

Edmund Chan holds criminal justice degrees from the State University of New York and the University of Washington, as well as an M.P.A from the University of Southern California. He earned his law degree from the Osgoode School of Law at York University in 1994, and was called to the Bar in 1994. He has gone on to an impressive career; with nearly two decades of criminal defence experience under his belt, he has become one of the most highly-regarded lawyers in Ontario. The primary focus of his legal career has been in the defence of impaired driving offenders, and he has handled literally thousands of impaired driving and Over 80 cases, as well as many other types of criminal charges.

Mr. Chan works from the Aitken Robertson offices in Toronto, York, and Durham, with most of his cases being argued in the Newmarket region. Mr. Chan is a valuable member of Richard Aitken’s legal team, and is committed to providing the highest level of legal defence for each of his clients. His devotion to the rule of law and to his clients has earned him the respect not only of those he represents, but also of the judges and Crown Attorneys in the Ontario court system. His positive reputation helps him to successfully negotiate on behalf of his clients. He is fluent in both English and Cantonese.

Aitken Robertson: Fight the Charges

The legal team at the law firm of Aitken Robertson has decades of experience in criminal law, with a solid track record of successful defence cases throughout Peterborough and Ontario. They offer a free initial consultation, affordable fees with flexible payment plans, and evening and weekend hours. They can handle any type of criminal matter, including drug offences, assaults, theft, and fraud, as well as bail hearings and criminal appeals. You can reach Richard Aitken and his team through any one of Aitken Robertson’s office locations or by calling (866) 762-9218.