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Impaired driving is one of the most common offences committed in Ontario, and it is the cornerstone of the law practice of Richard Aitken. Drinking and driving law can be a maze of legal issues that are not easily navigated by the average person. When it comes to impaired driving charges, representing yourself is never recommended. An experienced DUI lawyer can represent you in court and guide you through the every step in the process. If you have been arrested for an impaired driving offence, it is important that you retain a DUI attorney immediately. The sooner you enlist legal help, the sooner your lawyer will be able to examine the evidence in your case and begin preparing your defence.

What to Expect in an Impaired Driving Case

The Canadian government classifies impaired driving as the operation of a motor vehicle while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. A driver can be convicted of impaired driving charges based solely on visual signs of impairment, such as driving too slowly, the inability to manage simple physical tasks, or having bloodshot eyes or the smell of alcohol on the breath.

The legal limit for blood alcohol content in Canada is 80 milligrams of alcohol per 100 millilitres of blood. A breath test is commonly used to determine the limit, but blood tests may be used in certain cases. Arresting officers can demand that someone suspected of driving while impaired take a breath test on the spot.

Penalties for impaired driving are set forth in the Canadian Criminal Code, and may be as little as a $600 fine for a first offence, up to several years in prison and thousands of dollars in fines. If the impaired driver causes the death of another person, the penalty may be life in prison.

When you are charged with impaired driving, you either want to win the case against you or at the very least, have the charges reduced to a lesser offence (for example, careless driving). The lower your breath test readings, the better chance you have of being able to secure an acquittal or a reduced charge. Your chances also depend on the Crown Attorney’s willingness to make a deal with you.

You run the risk of losing your license, especially if you fail to provide a breath sample, or if you are charged with an Over 80 offence. Your license will normally be suspended for 90 days, and appeals of license suspensions are rarely successful (although you might be able to avoid a suspension if you can show that severe medical conditions rendered you unable to provide a breath sample). Once the 90 days have passed, and once you pay the license reinstatement fee, you will be allowed to drive again pending the final resolution of your case.

Choosing a Lawyer to Defend You Against Impaired Driving Charges

How do you choose a lawyer to represent you in your impaired driving case? Narrow your search to lawyers who focus exclusively on criminal law; a lawyer with this specific expertise is infinitely preferable to a lawyer with a general law practice. When researching criminal defence law firms, find out which firms have a particular focus on impaired driving cases. Find out if the lawyer you are considering is a qualified breath analyzer technician. Do not be afraid to ask about a lawyer’s experience and success rate in past cases. Get a sense of how the law firm works. Does your lawyer have experienced colleagues with whom to share ideas? Are you confident about the level of personal attention and communication that you will be receiving from the lawyer?

Of course, hiring a lawyer can also be expensive. Make sure you understand how your lawyer’s fees work, and whether payment plans are available. Aitken Robertson allows for monthly payments through credit card, debit card, or check. Payments may be spread out over time, and there is no interest charge. The firm’s goal is to make impaired driving legal services affordable to the general public.

When you meet with your lawyer, you’ll want to provide them with a copy of the citation, breathalyzer results and readout, your written recollection of what happened, any witnesses that may be able to help bolster your case, and any information about your previous criminal record (particularly any previous impaired driving citations or convictions).

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The legal team at the law firm of Aitken Robertson has decades of experience in criminal law, with a solid track record of successful cases throughout Peterborough and Ontario. They offer a free initial consultation, affordable fees with flexible payment plans, and evening and weekend hours. They can defend you in any criminal matter, including drug offences, assaults, theft, and fraud, as well as bail hearings and criminal appeals. You can reach Richard Aitken and his team through any one of Aitken Robertson’s office locations or by calling (866) 762-9218.