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Have you been charged with impaired driving and over 80 in Peterborough, Ontario?

For those unfamiliar with driving laws, the term “Over 80″ can be confusing; it has nothing to do with speeding offences. Over 80 is an impaired driving charge; it is used when a person has been pulled over for suspected drunk driving, and their blood alcohol content is determined to be above the limit of 80 milligrams of alcohol per 100 millilitres of blood.

Legal Considerations in Over 80 Cases

It is possible to beat an Over 80 charge, but it is always recommended that you secure the services of an Over 80 attorney, someone who is familiar with this charge as well as the legal system in Ontario. An Over 80 lawyer will be able to protect your legal rights, represent you in court, and formulate the best strategy for avoiding or reducing an Over 80 charge.

In many cases, the simplest defence is to demonstrate that the Crown prosecution has not proven beyond a reasonable doubt one of the essential elements of the Over 80 charge. Think of the elements of a crime as a legal checklist; the Crown Attorney has the burden of proving all of the items on the checklist in order to secure a conviction. If even one element isn’t proved, the accused cannot be convicted.

Another defence strategy is to challenge the evidence presented against the defendant. If a law enforcement officer made mistakes in assembling evidence or keeping records, some of the evidence in the case may be thrown out. Similarly, the police must respect a defendant’s rights during questioning and arrest procedures, and if the police make mistakes in dealing with the defendant (for example, in the timing of informing the accused of their right to counsel), the prosecution’s case may be damaged or even dismissed. It may even be possible to challenge the accuracy of the breath test results. A competent Over 80 lawyer will be able to spot these mistakes by law enforcement and use them to help you beat the charges against you.

Aitken Robertson: Defence Lawyers For Your Over 80 Case

Over 80 cases can be complex, but an experience Over 80 attorney will be able to guide you through every step in the process and pursue the best possible outcome in your case.

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