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Criminal Lawyer in Peterborough, Ontario


For nearly three decades, Richard Aitken has been practicing criminal law, first as an Assistant Crown Attorney, then as a successful criminal defence lawyer.

Strong Foundations

While studying business courses at York University Law School in 1982, Richard Aitken was first approached by the local Crown Attorney; his experience in these early days would pave the way for his later success as a criminal defence attorney. He was called to the Bar in Ontario in 1984, and over time, his practice has become focused on cases involving impaired driving. Impaired driving cases are the backbone of his practice today.

“I became a criminal lawyer because I wanted to make a difference,” says Aitken. “Many of our clients have no previous record, and a criminal charge is a nightmare for them. For me, there is no greater feeling than getting a great result so our client can move on with his or her life.”

Experience and Expertise

In 1999, Richard Aitken acquired the law practice of Harry Robertson and John Robertson Q.C. and founded Robertson Barristers & Solicitors. He eventually brought in an additional six lawyers to form a creative and innovative legal team. Aitken has been involved in a number of prominent cases during his career, one of which was argued before the Canadian Superior Court and dramatically changed the law as it applies to providing right of counsel to arrested persons.

Richard Aitken has another edge over many criminal defence and impaired driving attorneys in that he is a fully qualified breath tech on the Intoxilyzer 5000C, and has received training on the 8000C model. The Intoxilyzers are breath testing apparatus used by law enforcement to measure the alcohol level of a person suspected of impaired driving. There are very few lawyers in Ontario who have this type of training. Understanding the technology involved gives Aitken an enhanced ability to understand and challenge evidence in impaired driving cases, and his clients benefit.

Richard AItken’s Philosophy

Aitken believes in making sure his clients understand the process that is before them. During a free initial consultation, Aitken assesses all elements of a case and begins to formulate a strategy for crafting a strong defence. Communication is prompt and effective, with client calls and e-mails usually returned the same day. Clients are kept in the loop with updates as to the status of their case. Richard Aitken is committed to making sure that his clients are prepared for every possibility, and to pursuing the best possible outcome in every case.

As he enters his fourth decade of practice, Richard Aitken’s commitment to his clients is as vital now as it was in the beginning. This commitment, coupled with his stellar reputation in the legal community and the courts, have helped to make Aitken Robertson one of the most successful criminal defence firms in Ontario.

“As a child it was the hope of my parents and grandparents that I would become a lawyer,” says Richard. “Fortunately, it has turned into a career that I love.”

Aitken Robertson: Fight the Charges

The legal team at the law firm of Aitken Robertson Law Firm has decades of experience in criminal law, with a solid track record of successful cases throughout Peterborough and Ontario. They offer a free initial consultation, affordable fees with flexible payment plans, and evening and weekend hours. They can represent you in any type of criminal matter, including drug offences, assaults, theft, and fraud, as well as bail hearings and criminal appeals. You can reach Richard Aitken and his team through any one of Aitken Robertson’s office locations or by calling (866) 762-9218.