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When is the best time to contact an immigration law firm? Ideally, you should seek legal advice as soon as you decide to immigrate to Canada. There is a fairly long and winding legal road ahead—one that is best navigated by a professional. You will need to be prepared for application paperwork, interviews, and more; it is important to have a knowledgeable ally in your corner, someone who can be your guide and advocate throughout the process.

Choosing an Immigration Lawyer

Selecting the best immigration lawyer is much like selecting a doctor or other professional; you want to find someone who is experienced in the type of legal services you need. You wouldn’t hire a criminal lawyer or a general practice attorney to handle your immigration needs; you want someone who focuses exclusively on immigration law, somebody who handles cases like yours every single day. You want to feel confident that your lawyer has the expertise in and familiarity with immigration law that can only come from years of practice. Having a qualified, competent immigration lawyer on your side can provide peace of mind during a challenging time.

When considering a lawyer, research whether he or she has been involved in any high-profile cases, or authored any articles or publications about immigration law. Contact the bar association for the province where you hope to settle, and find out if the lawyer is a member in good standing with the organization.

You also want to make sure that this is someone you feel comfortable with. Remember that the immigration process may take months or even years to complete, so you will be interacting with your lawyer on a regular basis. Make sure that you feel comfortable talking with him or her, and that you would want this person to represent you in court or immigration hearings. Many law firms offer a free initial consultation so that clients can ask questions, find out more, and decide if this is the right lawyer for their needs.

Finally, do not choose a lawyer based solely on cost. In the legal field, as in many fields, talent usually comes with a price. Choose a lawyer who can help you achieve your immigration goals efficiently and effectively. Choose the lawyer that can get the job done for you.

Butkowsky Immigration Law

Toronto immigration lawyer Larry Butkowsky has assembled an experienced and committed team of legal professionals who are ready to help you achieve your immigration goals. The firm represents those who wish to become permanent residents of Canada (whether for business, personal, or for humanitarian and compassionate reasons), as well as those seeking temporary visas to study, work, or visit. The firm can also represent clients in immigration litigation and refugee proceedings, including appeals, hearings, judicial reviews, and legal proceedings for people who have been detained or ordered deported. They can work with clients who speak any language.

Butkowsky Immigration Law is committed to providing the highest level of client service, and is highly respected in the arena of Toronto immigration law. After more than 20 years in practice, Larry Butkowsky remains passionate about every case; he is dedicated to protecting his clients’ rights and facilitating a smooth immigration process to Canada. His firm is located at 41 Madison Ave., Toronto, Ontario M5R 2S2, or he may be reached by calling (647) 694-0539.