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There are many reasons why people wish to come to Canada. Canada is home to a diverse population, amazing natural beauty and resources, and unmatched opportunities, not to mention universal healthcare, free education, policies to support families and the elderly, and many other benefits that are offered to Canadian citizens and permanent residents.  While the process of becoming a permanent resident can be complex, there are a number of options available to you; Canada has multiple avenues to enable citizens of other countries to live, work, or study in Canada.

Your first step is to determine the application category that best suits your situation. For example, certain skilled workers and professionals are granted Canadian Permanent Resident status based upon accumulated “points” derived from their education, work experience, knowledge of the English or French language, and various other qualifying criteria.

Another avenue to permanent residence is through a sponsoring family member. This is one of the most common types of permanent resident application. A current Canadian citizen or permanent resident can sponsor a member of his or family to become a permanent resident; eligible family members include a spouse, partner, or dependent children, and in some cases, other family members.

You may also be eligible to become a permanent resident through a Provincial Nominee Program, whereby a particular province or territory nominates you to become a permanent resident based on the province or territory’s labor market and economic needs.

Finally, in some exceptional circumstances involving unusual hardship, you may be able to become a permanent resident based on “Humanitarian and Compassionate” grounds.

No matter what avenue is pursued, all permanent resident applicants must meet certain medical and security requirements.

To apply for permanent resident status, you will need to complete a number of application forms, all of which can be found in PDF format on the Citizenship and Immigration Canada website. The instructions should be read thoroughly before proceeding. The application forms may be downloaded and completed either by computer or by hand. Once completed, you will also need to pay a fee. Once all the forms are completed and signed, they can be mailed to the appropriate office, which may vary depending upon the type of application you are submitting.

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