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Under Canadian immigration regulations, a work permit is a visa or authorization to work in Canada. This document is issued by the Canadian government to allow a foreign individual to work in Canada at a specific job for a specific length of time. It specifies the employer for which the individual will work.  “Work” is defined as any activity for which financial remuneration is earned or that competes directly with activities of Canadian citizens or permanent residents in the labor market.

Anyone who is not a Canadian citizen or permanent resident will require a valid work permit in order to obtain and keep gainful employment in Canada. There are a handful of narrow exceptions whereby foreign workers may be able to perform certain jobs in Canada without a work permit, but in general, if you are seeking to work in Canada, you will need a work permit issued by the department of Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC). Work permits may be applied for at Canadian ports of entry or through the Canadian visa office of an applicant’s home country.

For most applicants, first step in the process is to obtain a solid offer of employment from a Canadian company. There are a few categories of applicants who may be eligible for an “open work permit,” which does not require a job offer; these may be available to spouses or common-law partners of certain work permit holders; spouses or partners of foreign students; those seeking asylum; and destitute students in Canada. Otherwise, a work permit will be limited to work for a specific employer.

Some jobs will also require a work permit applicant to receive confirmation from the Canadian government’s department of Human Resources and Skills Development (HRSDC); other jobs are exempt from HRSDC confirmation.

The process of applying for and receiving a work permit may require a period of several days or weeks to complete. The time frame may depend on where you apply from, whether or not a medical examination is required, and the workload for the particular visa office where you applied.

Once you have a work permit, it will generally be valid for a limited period of time; the duration depends upon the nature of your job in Canada and the category under which you applied. Some work permits may be extended from inside Canada. Moreover, only those workers admitted to Canada on an open work permit can change jobs without reapplying; otherwise, any change of employer requires application for a new work permit.

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